About Us


My life as a Pilates teacher started 8 years ago when I was working as a specialist exercise instructor for the NHS. At this time I was delivering Clinical rehabilitation Pilates classes for NHS clients suffering from back pain and neurological conditions. I qualified as a Pilates teacher with APPI and completed all 3 levels of the Matwork Qualification. Pilates was my stepping stone into the world of holistic exercise and was where I first learned the principles of mind and body connection. Since this time I have gone on to practice Yoga and found it has benefited my physical and mental health. Through the practice of Yoga I now incorporate breathwork into my pilates classes. I am now starting to discover the art of Tai Chi and Qi Gong and look forward to learning more about this discipline.

What can be gained from my classes…..

Develop & Strengthen

My Classes

My classes have a very holistic approach and work on rebalancing the mind and body as a whole. I combine a mixture of strength and flexibility training and use a flow approach allowing for improvements in coordination, the precision of movement and deep abdominal work. I also spend time on functional movements to improve total body movement patterns to help reduce the reoccurrence of injuries. Through my classes, I hope to bring a sense of self-care and inner peace, whilst heightening body awareness and body confidence. I look forward to guiding you through the class.

My qualifications are:

Sports Science BSc degree
Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute- Clinical Pilates level 1,2.3 and accreditation.
Lower Back Pain management
Postural Stability/
Cardiac Rehabilitation